In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have created a community group to make sure people get the help they need during these hard times. Everyone is welcome to join in and come together to help where they can.



Energy, Mind and Body is a community support network of individuals passionate about the mental health and wellbeing of the local community and afar.

As an organisation, we recognise the importance & power of working together with people, professionals, & other organisations to enhance the range of complementary therapies, as we feel the current health & social care system is not able to effectively serve the people.

Through our workshops, classes and community support sessions, we aim to provide an alternative to address the root of our physical and mental illness. .

Our Services




Injury Clinic & Sports Massage



Personal Development

Energy Healing

Neuro-linguistic Programming

Life Coaching

The core ethos of EMB is to give back to the local community via free services/support groups we offer regularly. There is always a helping hand or ear within our centre. All monies from our centre are invested back into the development of our vision, people and the local community. Our door is always open to individuals and organisations who need our help.

Energy Mind & Body was founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Aaron McGonigle of Aarons Gym Northern Ireland.

What’s on at EMB

Special Events

Aarons Meditation (No Experience Required)

Join us on  for an evening meditation led by Aaron McGonigle. Come and let the stresses and strains of life drift away.

Sound Healing Practitioner Certification

EMB is proud to welcome Marta Lyszkiewicz-Toropow for a 2 day Sound Healing Training Level 1 Practitioner Course on March 26th.

Where to find us

Energy, Mind and Body

2B Molesworth Road, Cookstown, BT80 8NR


2 Molesworth Rd, Cookstown BT80 8NR

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