We are committed to the ongoing development of planned approaches to improve the standard of living and well-being of disadvantaged individuals and groups.

Community Integration

The Energy, Mind & Body Team recognises the importance and enrichment gained by working in partnership with individuals, families, and the local community.

EMB’s Team objective is to enhance the development and community empowerment, based on the principles of community participation, self-help, self-determination, integration, community organisation and capacity building. We will endeavour to extend a hand of friendship to every individual and organisation we have the opportunity to collaborate with, & welcome those who support our ethos to also get involved. 

The EMB Team are dedicated to the development of projects which allow our local citizens to contribute to their community’s development and everyone’s desire to stay safe, healthy and to improve the quality of life for all, creating opportunities for everyone irrespective of their background.

It is our intention to ‘give back’ to those who experience hardship, disadvantage and who are in need of support at difficult times in their lives. We are committed to developing partnerships with other Community organisations, including, Health & Social Care Trusts, local Councils, as well as other interested Statutory & Voluntary Organisations. 


The EMB Team recognises the importance and centrality of human relationships, as well as the dignity and worth of individuals no matter what their circumstance. As a team, our ethics and values demonstrate our service to others, as well as our commitment to social justice. We aim to provide a compassionate service with each member of staff working with integrity maintaining high standards of personal conduct and professionalism.